Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Exporting feed to digg

Who does not know digg. . Digg is the most famous social bookmarking throughout the blogosphere. Every blogger is always send the URL to digg, either directly or through a share placement of buttons that are expected to be used by visitors. But there is one feature of digg, which is import feeds.

With the import feed feature you can export your feeds. Thus, we can ensure that every post we will immediately submitted to digg.

The trick is very simple:

1. First log into digg.

2. Select settings on your profile pic.

3. Click on import feeds.

4. Enter your feed url.

5. Select a Topic.

6. Click Add Feed.

7. Verifivy feed.

Verification feeds can be done in two ways namely:

1. Paste the given key to the title or body feed.

2. Paste the given key in the next posting.


  1. it will make your blog autodigg

  2. I know that tip.Thanks for pointing it out to other Bloggers.

  3. This feature may be removed. I dont see it again.


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