Thursday, April 30, 2009

MS Net Framework Update Crashing my Office

I have Hotfix .NET Framework 3.5. SP1 Update (KB953595) and KB958484. This update cause my Office application to crash, get stop working message.

After uninstaling those update by Control Panel - Programs - Program and Features - Installed Update and klik Uninstall, Office work normally again.

Office and other appilication crash

This week I have a problem with my Microsoft application include Office. I can't install Office Component like Vision and open Microsoft Office Diagnostic.

Crashing of Microsoft Application caused by :
1. Setup problem
Setup problem is caused by corruption/damage of files or registry.

2. Hardisk Failure
3. Memory Failure
4. Update Failure
5. COmpatibily Issue
2 different version of outlook can't be installed on same computer.
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