Sunday, April 22, 2012

You Say Too Service Ended

Finally You Say service too, came to an end as well. This blog aggregator service, dependable to promote the blog. In addition, You Say Too also offers google's revenue-sharing.

But, these days, if you open you say too, then you will get a new message. You say too said that he had acquired.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Injury Attorney Sacramento

I have posting it on So that, this is double posting. If you want to read it, please go to the link above.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

More Follower, More Traffic

Traffic is your end target when you begin developing website. Without traffic, all your hard work be wasted. You cant sell anything, you can't get earning, you can't influenced people.

Beside advertising, or SEO, you can get additional traffic from social network, mainly facebook and twitter. Facebook and twitter is a fantastic traffic source.

For example you have 100 facebook pages fan. You post a link to your facebook pages wall. Your 100 facebook fan like it. If one of your facebook pages fan have 100 fan, your link will come to 100 x 100 (10.000) facebook members. And if they like it, your link will read by more people.

Twitter work similar to facebook pages. Your tweet available for your follower. If your follower retweet it, your tweet will available to your follower's follower. If your tweet retweeted again, so your tweet will available for more people.

How to get more twitter follower or facebook fan?
One question is, how you get more facebook fan or twitter follower? I have answer for it. I get additional facebook pages fan and twitter follower just joined to twiends. My twitter follower increase from 141 to 1419 and my facebook pages fan from 23 to 678 only a week.

Additional twiends benefit
If you want direct visit to your website or you tube viewer, you can setting your target website and your target youtube pages.

Where to join?
If you want to join to twiends, i will thank you if you give me additional credit by joined with my twiends page. Here:
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