Thursday, September 30, 2010

Microsoft Offer Windows 7 Download from the Microsoft Store

I have get email from Microsoft:
The Microsoft Store is excited to announce the Windows 7 Family Pack will be on sale for $149! That is only $149 -3 licenses of Windows 7!

Offer is valid while supplies last so please post this link on your site ASAP:

Limited Time only! Get the Windows 7 Family Pack from The Microsoft Store! Only $149 for 3 licenses of Windows 7!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Exporting feed to digg

Who does not know digg. . Digg is the most famous social bookmarking throughout the blogosphere. Every blogger is always send the URL to digg, either directly or through a share placement of buttons that are expected to be used by visitors. But there is one feature of digg, which is import feeds.

With the import feed feature you can export your feeds. Thus, we can ensure that every post we will immediately submitted to digg.

The trick is very simple:

1. First log into digg.

2. Select settings on your profile pic.

3. Click on import feeds.

4. Enter your feed url.

5. Select a Topic.

6. Click Add Feed.

7. Verifivy feed.

Verification feeds can be done in two ways namely:

1. Paste the given key to the title or body feed.

2. Paste the given key in the next posting.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Dont add the same subdomain on google custom domain

This is my experience. I have two domain: and It host on same hosting server. I am using add on domain feature.

First, i add this as custom domain on my blogspot.account. Then i add When i open it on browser, sometimes i can access it. But, mostly i get 404 error.

Now, i change the subdomain to Now, i dont get 404 error again. So, dont add same subdomain on your add-on domain.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Create privacy policy online free

Privacy policy terms is very well known by the blogger. Especially the usual advertisements from google, google adsense. Privacy policy statement frequently requested by adnetwork. But to make their own privacy policy, though only editing of already existing, just create a headache and time consuming. Fortunately there are tools available on the web are online and free.

Free Privacy Policy Generator allows bloggers to create a privacy policy is quite professional enough to check and choose the option that displayed by free privacy policy generator at every stage. After the steps that are required to do, bloggers to check and confirm their email. After that stay receive an email with a code that is ready dipastekan on the blog / website.

Versi Indonesia dapat dilihat di

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Technorati declined this blog

I have tried to claim this blog on technorati. This blog i write on English, the only language acceptable by technorati as he say
However, since it is not an English site, we are not currently able to index your posts. Please see for more details.

But when i applied, i get message:
This site does not appear to be a blog or news site. Technorati does not support claiming of forums, product catalogs, and the like. You can review our site quality guidelines at

Maybe, this is because this blog only have 5 post.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Help me on

This site very unique. is very unique domain name. And this site relevant with it's domain name. The site offer people to post a problem to help and permit the other to help.

I have create profile here. My profile is ghobr and post a help query. My help query is how i can increase my site traffic. Do you to help me?
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