Monday, August 30, 2010

Facebook banned user using email

Today is as usual an Internet user will log into facebook. But, instead of going into the account, he got the message "Your Email has not been registered". The user thinks that the email has been dihack someone. He tried to reset the password. But what he got? A message from facebook, which reads "

This domain has been reported as a nuisance by Facebook users.

" Please contact if you have questions. "

Inactive Facebook Email Contact

Users are then tried to contact staff via email that is displayed on facebook. But again he gets a message that is not fun. Email contact is no longer used as a contact email facebook staff.

Facebook Like it does not apply to

It is reported that facebook has also made the tire against the use of free web domain. Facebook users can no longer perform the sharing of that use free web site domain. Free web site that uses domain. can only use the features of facebook page like the pages.

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Update drupal on 000webhost

Drupal is a CMS that is very popular nowadays because drupal can be developed according to their respective goals. Drupal can be used as a CMS like wordpress blog. Drupal can be used as a portal CMS like joomla. CMS Drupal can be used as forums like phpbb. And drupal can summarize the whole thing. And that's with a CMS that is very lightweight, which is only about 1 MB only.

The problem is Drupal always ask for an update. If not, Drupal will always display the message to us when we are on the admin page. If using a paid hosting may not be problematic because of all the requested features can be activated, but how about using free hosting such as 000webhost?


Before performing the update, we must first do some preparation. The most important preparation is to backup the files in that folder settings.php sites / default. If in doubt, can also perform backups of the database.

Download drupal

After the preparations done, download drupal from his official site. Save on your desktop.

Unzip drupal

The file was subsequently downloaded drupal diunzip. You can use the free 7zip to mengunzipnya.

Zip back

After you mengunzip, drupal-6.1.9.tar.gz file will terunzip in a pattern like this:

drupal-6.1.9.tar → drupal-6.1.9 → drupal-6.1.9 → file-file drupal. drupal-6.1.9.tar → drupal-6.1.9 drupal-6.1.9 → → drupal files.

After you enter the folders containing the files drupal is select all the file and then zip it. Will be formed as file.

Delete old files

Login to your 000webhost account. And open your filemanager. Go to the public_html folder if you install it in the root.

Select all the files and delete. File managers usually leave the folder sites / default /.

File managers usually leave the folder sites / default. Ignore.

Upload a new file

Now choose upload from the file menu manager. There are two options to upload, the left side to upload a regular file and the right side to upload the archive. Choose the uploaded zip archive and enter the results you'd like

Restore settings.php

Go into the folder sites / default. If there's settings.php file and open the file pastekan your old settings.php file contents are backed up. Then change the value of the variable $ update_free_access = FALSE; be TRUE;

Edit. Htaccess file

Back to the beginning and open the folder. Htaccess file. If you install drupal on the root uncomment the line # RewriteBase /.

If installing on a folder uncomment the line # RewriteBase / drupal drupal and replace with your folder name.

Change Chmod file

Chmod settings for the file index.php, update.php, cron.php on permissions that can execute.

Run update.php

If all settings are reset, for example http://www.yourdomain.php/update.php run update.php file and follow the instructions.

If you get a 500 error message, check. Htaccess file, an error occurred normally incurred for truncation line directives
'FALSE' back settings.php

If the update is successful, open the settings.php file back and return the value of $ update_free_access be FALSE;

Good luck.
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